Faint Embers is a project built as a University submission for a friend. We started with large plans based around a boss-battle heavy platformer, I created a basic prototype movement system which ended up being mostly scrapped as we slowly massaged the game into the interactive experience it is now. The game was built in three weeks, that's everything from design, artwork, music composition and code.

  • Language: C#,
  • Engine: Unity

The game was based on the life of an unfortunate boy who, after a series of horrific events, finds himself stuck in his own mind attempting to deal with a plethora of mental health issues. Overall, the project was a joy to work on and the team we gathered was very talented.


  • Writing: Ethan Bailey
  • Programming and Game Design: Jak Boulton,
  • Art: Rebecca Deakin,
  • Music: Stephen Sims
  • Voice Acting: Chris Goodwin